Friday, October 11, 2013 - Breakfast Meeting

8:30am - Breakfast will be provided

Boston Medical Center
FGH Building
1st floor conference room
Parking is available at 710 Albany St. Garage.   Please follow this link for a map of buildings and locations (

Guest Speakers:
Michael Flanagan, CEM, Harvard School of Public Health
John Dorney, Alertus Technologies

Following the Chapter Business Meeting, we are happy to have two guests speaking about Emergency Management topics to include Decontamination Practices and Mass Communication:

Michael Flanagan, CEM, Harvard School of Public Health
Michael Flanagan has over ten years of emergency response and preparedness experience in both hospital and pre-hospital settings. While a paramedic Mr. Flanagan worked closely with multiple health disciplines, such as long term care, primary care, behavioral health and public health to improve emergency response. While serving as the Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness at Norwood Hospital Mr. Flanagan served on numerous multi-disciplinary committees, including as the hospital representative on the Southeast Homeland Security Council. While at HSPH-EPREP Mr. Flanagan has worked on statewide projects to improve hospital response to disasters. Mr. Flanagan has a Master’s in Public Administration and is a Certified Emergency Manager.

Through literature review, field research and subject matter expertise the Harvard School of Public Health on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health developed the Proposed Minimum Decontamination Capabilities for Hospitals in Massachusetts.  These are intended to serve as a standard of care for Massachusetts Hospitals.  In order to support this work HSPH created two support documents The Decontamination Self-Assessment Tool  and Strategies for First-Receiver Decontamination.   These documents have filled a gap in hospital emergency preparedness and as a result have been taken up by numerous organizations including the Joint Commission and Veteran’s Administration.

John Dorney, Alertus Technologies

Alertus Technologies is providing true enterprise wide alerting, which no one else in the U.S. is doing.  Johns Hopkins, has recently selected Alertus above everyone else.  Come see what they are doing, which will show you state-of-the-art when it comes to getting emergency notifications out enterprise wide.
Further Contact:    Peter Lester, Director of Healthcare Solutions
                              1.866.425.3788 x 706


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